Kurzweil 3000 Resources

Kurzweil 3000 is a computer program that reads text out loud with simultaneous highlighting. It can read scanned print material, as well as electronic documents and web-based content. Kurzweil also includes tools for note-taking and writing support. Downloadable versions of the program are available for the Mac, PC, and iPad. All users, including those with Android and Chrome devices, can access the web browser version of Kurzweil 3000.

Students have free access to Kurzweil 3000 while attending the University of Guelph. Faculty and staff may also use this software at no charge. For download and set-up instructions, please contact Library Accessibility Services at las@uoguelph.ca

Kurzweil Computer Software Downloads:

Installation and Quick Start Guides:

Using the Online Version of Kurzweil 3000:

Kurzweil 3000 Web Browser Extension:

Working with Text in Print, Image, PDF and Locked Formats:

Instructional Videos:

For more Kurzweil 3000 support resources, visit the Kurzweil Academy.