Alternate-Format Text Request Form for SAS-Registered Students

If you are registered with Student Accessibility Services and you have been approved for alternate-format text support, please fill in the form below as soon as you choose your courses for each semester.

Library Accessibility Services (LAS) staff will source alternate-format copies of your texts as soon as possible – see our alternate-format text policy for more information.    

If you have questions about alternate-format text or this form, please contact

Course codes and section numbers (e.g., PSYC*1000*01)

Alternative-Format Text Usage Agreement

By completing this form, I am agreeing with the following statements:

  • For each of the textbooks required for the above courses, I have paid for a retail, commercially available copy (new, used or electronic) of the correct edition and have kept my receipt.
  • I understand that I will need to show my receipt(s) to LAS staff.
  • The alternative format material I have requested is for my personal use only. I will not copy, share or redistribute these materials.
  • Permission to use the electronic text files is based on owning the textbook. If I sell or return the text, I no longer have permission to use the electronic files.
  • I understand that it may not be feasible for the LAS staff to source my textbooks in my desired format.
  • I understand that Library Accessibility Services reserves the right to deny service to an individual who violates the usage agreements stated above. Violation of the agreements could also result in academic sanctions.