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Media Studio spaces

Due to COVID-19, the Media Studio space is closed, but we're still available online to support you. If you have questions about developing or completing media assignments, please book an appointment with us
The Media Studio provides access to state-of-the-art technology required for the creation of digital projects. Media Studio staff provides support in the development of digital literacy and media creation skills. Media Studio student staff are available for consultation and troubleshooting in each space. The Media Studio is comprised of 4 spaces:

Media Studio Main Office (Library Room 245)

The Media Studio main office is the check-in space for all Media Studio appointments.

Filming Studio (Library Room 267)

The Filming Studio is a space designed for filming live action footage and photography. You have access to DSLR cameras, tripods, boom and lavalier microphones, professional lighting, and a green screen (also interchangeable to black and white). The Filming Studio is most often used for filming interviews, pitch videos, video resumes, and other live action clips.

Editing Suites (Library Room 247)

The Editing Suites is a space for editing your digital projects. You have access to 3 Mac editing stations equipped with a variety of software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Audacity, and web-based tools including Powtoon and WeVideo.

Sound Booth (Library Rm 250)

The Sound Booth is for recording audio. You have access to a Mac editing station equipped with Audacity and GarageBand, in addition to two adjustable condenser microphones and a mixing board for editing effects.

For more information about any of these spaces or to reserve a spot, see Media Studio.