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SPSS is a software package used for statistical analysis. It has a point-and-click interface making it easy to use. It can perform a wide range of analysis including:

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Analysis of variance
  • Linear regression
  • Many other statistical procedures

For information on acquiring and installing the software, please visit the SPSS page on the Computing and Communication Services (CCS) website.

SPSS support

Help Guides

Using the Data Editor

Statistical Procedures


The DRC offers a series of SPSS workshops every semester. Watch our list of Workshop & Event Calendar for the following SPSS workshops:

  • SPSS 1 - Introduction to SPSS - Getting Your Data Into SPSS

  • SPSS 2 - Getting Comfortable with Your Data

  • SPSS 3 - Comparing Means

  • SPSS 4 - Repeated Measures
  • SPSS 5 - Correlation and Regression Analysis
  • SPSS 6 - PCA and Factor Analysis


Upcoming workshops