Control Academic Stress

What is Control Academic Stress?

Control Academic Stress is a workshop series to help you learn skills and strategies to cope with the academic stress that comes from a heavy workload and the pressure of exams and project deadlines.  Topics include:

  • Reducing procrastination
  • Understanding perfectionism
  • Planning and prioritizing
  • Coping with failure
  • Developing strategies to prepare for exams

You can attend all the workshops, or just one.  Please register in advance. Participants who attend the entire workshop series will receive a letter of recognition for their participation. 

When Is Control Academic Stress Offered?

The Control Academic Stress workshop series is offered each fall and winter semester, usually in November and March.

At any time of the year, you can book an appointment to receive confidential, individualized support on the topics discussed in Control Academic Stress.  

If you would like to receive ongoing, individualized academic coaching throughout the semester, you may apply for the Academic Action Program.

How do I Register?

You can register for any of the Control Academic Stress workshops by visiting the Library Events Calendar


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