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Using Excel as a Scheduling Tool

You can use Excel to create a spreadsheet that combines your weekly schedule with a number of task lists so that you know exactly what needs to get done on a daily and weekly basis. Every week, print off a double-sided sheet of paper, with one side containing your weekly schedule and the other side a task list for each course. Instead of carrying an agenda, you can carry around one sheet of paper and a 4 month calendar from the Library (Available in the Learning Commons Waiting Area, 1st floor library).

How to Use The Template

  1. Download the Excel Scheduling Template [XLSX 18kb]
  2. Fill out the Blank Weekly Schedule

    • Open up the Excel file
    • Click on the tab named Blank Weekly Schedule
    • Highlight the cells where you have a class, click on the Merge and Center button, and then type in the name of the class
      You can also use the Fill Color feature to assign a colour to each course.
    • After you’ve put in all of your classes, labs and tutorials, add in anything else that stays the same from week to week (i.e. a club meeting, fitness classes, etc.).
    • See the Sample Weekly Schedule tab for an example of what your finished schedule can look like.
  3. Personalize the Task List & print
    Now, click on the Task List tab. Here you have 6 columns: 5 for courses and 1 for other tasks. Change the course names to your own courses and you’re all set! Print off a double-sided sheet of paper with your schedule on one side and your task lists on the other.
  4. Write down tasks for the week
    Start with the task list page. Make a list of everything that needs to be done for each course, BUT don’t feel like you have to add in every single task that needs to be done from now until the end of the semester! Instead, write down anything important that is coming up in the near future (assignments due that week, a test you need to study for), and anything else you would like to work on during that week.
  5. Assign tasks for each day
    Once you’ve made your task lists, you can flip the page over and look at your schedule. You’ll notice at the bottom of the schedule there are 10 boxes under each day of the week. Look at the tasks on the back of the page and write what you would like to work on each day in the boxes.