Alexander Malet transcriptions

ca 1880

Collection of manuscript transcriptions (approximately 50 sheets) relating to Mary, Queen of Scots, then in the possession of Sir Alexander Malet, with a note explaining these "hither to unedited documents... in my possession". Letters from Queen Elizabeth of England, Lord Cecil, James Stewart, Earl of Moray, Maitland of Lethington, King James VI and others, together with other items including a transcription of 3 letters from Louis XIV. 

  1. Instructions from Duke of Chatelherault and Confederated Lords to Maitland of Lethington for his Embassy to Queen Elizabeth. 10 November 1559.
  2. Letter from James Stewart dated Edinburgh, 10 June 1559 to his half-sister, Queen Mary.
  3. Letter from Maitland of Lethington dated Greenwich, 10 June 1562 to Mary Queen of Scots.
  4. Copy of Declaration of the Regent Morton regarding the Casket Letters. Produced by Commissioners at Westminster. 29 December 1568.
  5. Letter from James VI of Scotland dated Holyrood House, 15 February 1584 to his mother.
  6. Letter from James VI dated Holyrood House, 5 December 1586 to Earl of Leicester.
  7. Apology from William Maitland of Lethington, written by his son James in Antwerp, undated.
  8. Letter from William Cecil dated Windsor, 20 August 1863 to Lord Randolph.
  9. Letter from Queen Elizabeth to James VI after execution of Mary.
  10. Letter from Confederated Lords dated Edinburgh, 12 June 1567 to Lord Ray asking for his support in deliverance of the Queen from thralldom.
  11. Series of letters from Louis XIV dated circa 1682-1685.
  12. List of names & dates.

Approximately 3 cm of textual records

Type(s) Of Materials: 
Unpublished Material and Manuscripts
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XS1 MS A145

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