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Data Analysis

We provide advice and technical support to organise, analyse, interpret, and present various types of data, including geospatial, quantitative, and qualitative.

Quantitative analysis

Quantitative data analysis involves the analysis of data that is numeric in nature.  Statistical analysis of this data involves but is not limited to looking at frequencies and descriptive statistics, tests of association and prediction as well as comparing means of groups.  The library supports the following software packages to help students and researchers with their quantitative data analysis:

Qualitative analysis

Qualitative data is collected through unstructured or semi-structured methods. These methods include focus groups, interviews, observations, and surveys. Using software such as NVivo allows researchers to examine qualititative data in order to report and analyse it effectively. 

Please note that the library does not assist with acquiring or installing software. If you need help acquiring or installing software, visit the Computing and Communication Services (CCS) supported products page.

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We can help you with with qualitative and quantitative analysis software programs.

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