Our building is open to current U of G students, faculty, and staff at a reduced capacity. Learn about using the library this fall.
Current building capacity is at   ...

Printing & Computing

Public computers

Current U of G students, faculty and staff can make use of our public computers while the building is open. Computers are available on the 2nd floor and lower level.

Print, photocopy & scan

  • All printers can photocopy and scan
  • Printer/photocopier/scanners are located on the first floor
  • Print jobs are sent from public computers and can be picked up at any print station
  • All print jobs stay in the queue for 90 minutes and are then deleted
  • You are not charged unless you print
  • Printing and photocopying costs: Black & White or Colour copying 10 cents per page
  • Scanning is free
  • Load funds onto the Papercut printing and photocopying system online. We are not accepting cash, credit, or debit onsite for printing and copying
  • Printing, photocopying, and scanning instructions

Microform reader/scanner

  • Microform reader/scanner machines are available on the lower level
  • Scanned material can be emailed or saved to your USB flash drive
  • Instructions are available at each station


Remote access to library computers

  • Library computers can be accessed remotely to use software that you may not have on your personal computer
  • For more information visit Remote Access to Library Computers