While our building remains closed, we can support you online. Learn about our phased reopening plan.

Course Reserves (ARES)

The Course Reserve (ARES) system allows instructors to make course materials available to enrolled students.

While the building is closed, physical copies of books are not available. Library staff are working with course instructors to make these materials available online whenever possible.

For students:

  • Login to ARES below or CourseLink to find materials for your courses.
  • If you need access to course materials that are not currently available, please contact your instructor. 

For instructors:

  • We will do our best to purchase or license a digital alternative to the print materials you require as our physical collection is currently unavailable.
  • We will enable access via the Ares course reserve system to any content that already exists in a digital format, such as e-books, journal articles, streaming media, and other digital materials. 
  • We will ensure that all material posted in Ares is copyright and AODA compliant and is able to be directly integrated into CourseLink
  • Please request materials through ARES or email  libres2@uoguelph.ca (email address)

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