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About our Teams

The library has embraced a team-based management philosophy as it suits our strong belief in shared leadership practices, innovation, personal leadership, strong communication, and collaboration.

The Library Management Team guides the operation and management of the library and ensures that the library meets its strategic goals. To this end, this team develops policies and strategic plans, manages the budget and allocates resources. A team environment allows the library to better leverage these strengths and support students and faculty in their academic pursuits.

See our organizational chart (PDF - 149kb) for more information on how our organization is structured.

Our internal structure is made up of the following teams:

Library Administration Services

Provides strategic oversight and direction for the campus library.

Archival & Special Collections

Home to more than 20,000 rare books that range from the 16th to the 20th century; they offer a passageway to the cultural, social, physical and political history of the University of Guelph and its disciplines.

Collections & Content

Ensures responsive and proactive support for the learning, teaching and research enterprise by providing a coordinated approach to collection development and management

Digital Strategies & Technology

Provides IT services that support the Library and our user communities

Learning & Curriculum Support

Provides learning support and services to students and faculty

Research & Scholarship

Supports and contributes to the work of researchers and research teams on campus throughout all phases of the research cycle