Text Analysis

We help students and researchers use computational and statistical techniques to analyze text such as books, magazine or newspaper articles, film scripts, song lyrics, social media and more. Since text analysis makes heavy use of software, it can be used to analyze very large volumes of text to uncover trends and provide insight that would not be possible otherwise.  These computational processes are often referred to as distant reading. Through text analysis, some of the insights we can gain include: 

  • How language has evolved over time
  • How authors or communities view and speak about a subject
  • How texts relate to one another
  • What topics are discussed in the text

We can help you:

  • Choose a technique that can be used to answer your research question
  • Choose a tool to perform your analysis
  • Understand and interpret the results of your analysis

We support the following tools:

  • Google Ngram
  • HathiTrust
  • AntConc
  • Voyant
  • Exploratory
  • NLTK
  • Stanford NER

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