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Studying Resources & Workshops

We support undergraduate and graduate students develop the skills and strategies you need to learn effectively and achieve your goals.

We provide inidividual appointments, workshops, programs, and resources on:

  • Time management & procrastination
  • Studying & preparing for exams
  • Presentation skills

We can help you: 

  • Plan and use your time effectively
  • Control procrastination and perfectionism, and complete your assignments, thesis, or program on time
  • Prepare for many different types of exams, including multiple choice
  • Read textbooks and scholarly articles more effectively
  • Take better notes and study efficiently
  • Improve your memory and concentration
  • Work more effectively in groups
  • Enhance your presentation skills, including strategies for managing nervousness
  • Practice your presentation and receive feedback from professional staff
  • Design and present academic posters

Get assistance

Learning experts are available to help you develop your time management, studying, or presentation skills. 

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All studying related workshop descriptions can be found on our Workshops page. Browse all upcoming workshops and register by visiting our Events and Workshops Calendar.

Studying workshops include:

Control Academic Stress

Control Academic Stress is a workshop series offered every fall and winter semester to help you learn skills and strategies to cope with the academic stress that comes from a heavy workload and the pressure of exams and project deadlines. Topics include reducing procrastination, planning and prioritizing, coping with failure, and developing strategies to prepare for and write exams. 

Presentation Boot Camp

Presentation Boot Camp is an intensive half-day workshop for you to learn and practice strategies to improve your presentation skills in academic settings, such as thesis defenses, conference presentations, and class presentations. It is offered every semester. 


Academic Action Program

The Academic Action Program is a semester-long program for any student who would like to enhance their academic potential. Work with an academic coach to identify your goals, create a realistic plan, and build your skills. Applications are open in the fall and winter semesters, until the end of the fourth week of classes or until all places are filled.

Student Athlete Mentor (SAM) Program

The Student-Athlete Mentor (SAM) Program enhances the academic performance of varsity student-athletes by providing resources and assistance tailored to their unique needs.


Effective studying

Effective studying resources include a wide variety of guides and tools on reading, note-taking, concentrating, and study strategies such as concept maps and matrix charts.

Exam prep

Exam prep resources will hep you prepare for specific exam formats, such as multiple choice and essay exams, as well as advice for studying effectively.

Group work and presentations

Group work and presentation resources provide information and advice on group work and on all stages of academic presentations, from preparing your slides to answering audience questions.

Mark calculator

Use the Mark calculator to help you calculate your marks in each of your courses and your semester average.

Time management

Time management resources include downloadable schedules and many resources on controlling procrastination and using your time effectively and efficiently.

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