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Data Cleaning & Preparation

We help students and researchers learn how to get their data ready for analysis. Whether you’re working with data you collected yourself or found somewhere else, we can help you format the data so that is usable. This is called “cleaning and preparing” or “wrangling” data.

We can help you:

  • Understand the steps for cleaning and preparing data.
  • Process your data using Open Refine or Microsoft Excel.

Services for faculty & instructors

We can support your teaching with:

  • In-class instruction on data cleaning and preparation.
  • Demonstrate the cleaning and transforming functions in Open Refine or Microsoft Excel.

Get assistance

Check out the Clean and Prepare Your Data help guide to get started. It features information about getting to know your data, planning your approach, managing your data, choosing the right tool to use, and more.

Connect with us to ask a question or to book an appointment. Learn more about our appointments.


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