Cameronian Covenanters

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The Covenanters were a force in Scottish religion and politics between 1638-1688, and aimed to maintain their chosen forms of church government and worship. Prior to 1650, they formed the country's government before coming under pressure during the Commonwealth period of Oliver Cromwell and government persecution. The Cameronian Covenanters, the followers of James Cameron, considered themselves to be the remnant of the true Presbyterian Church of Scotland and were also politically engaged; however, by the 1690s the majority of Presbyterians had given up Cameronian religious programs and accepted the toleration granted to them by King James VII. 

  1. Cunningham, Alexander: Some Questions resolved concerning Episcopal & Presbyterian Government, 1690.
  2. Historical Relation of the Late General Assembly Held Edinburgh From Oct 16 to Nov 13 in the Year 1690 in a Letter From A Person in Edinburgh To His Friend in London.
  3. A Proclamation by William & Mary, King and Queen regarding a "Solemn National Fast and Humiliation" 12 Nov. 1690.
  4. MacKenzie, Sir George: A vindication of the Government in Scotland During the Reign of King Charles II.
  5. Shields, Alexander: Letter #15.
  6. Shields, Alexander: Letter #25.
  7. Renwick, James: Declaration to All and Sundrie ... #26.
  8. ? Dissertation Against Prelacy #36.
  9. ? Statement to All True Protestant Churches #37-8.
  10. Letter to William a Bramhall #42. 
  11. Apologetical Call of the United Presbyterians to the Ministers ... #66. 
  12. Shields, Michael: Letter to R. McWilliam a Brabol, Minister of the Gospel at Loowaroon #91.
  13. Statement from United Societies to the Church in Dublin #98. 
  14. Letters from General Meeting, signed Thomas (Lummg), William M., Michael Shields #100-1. 
  15. Interrogations for Admission into the General Meeting #112.
  16. The True Suffering Church in Scotland #117.
  17. A True Relation of the Conference, Jan 28, 1686 w/ Alex. Gordon, John Dick #189.
  18. Letter #213.
  19. Renwick, James. Letter from the Tolbooth, dated Feb. 6, 1688 #223.
  20. Declaration of the Prince of Orange, Nov. 8, 1688 #230.
  21. Petition in 1688 to Meeting of Convention in Scotland from the United Societies #245.
  22. An account of the Uprising, Edinburgh #77.
  23. Mitchell, James: Letter (address to Christian People) #99.
  24. Objections Against the bond passed in 1678 #101.
  25. Ane[sic] Act & Apologetical[sic] of the true Presbyterians of the Church of Scotland 1681 #103.
  26. To Duke of Buccleuch & Monmouth, An account of the condition of Affairs in Scotland #104.
  27. Letter from R.M. Ward #5.



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