Diaries of Roy and Jennie Fleming

Contains two diaries. In June 1903, Roy Franklin Fleming (1878-1958) with his aunt Jennie Fleming (1843-1942), his uncle James Fleming (1840-1910) and his daughter Minerva "Minnie" Fleming (1868-1953) travelled to the British Isles on vacation to visit the homeland. Roy and Jennie kept diaries in which they recorded their trip to Montreal, their voyage from that city on the HMS Tunisian to Quebec City and onto Liverpool, and travel to Robbie Burns country in Ayrshire, a day trip to Ireland, an excursion through Walter Scott country and the Trossachs and to reach Stirling, and north to the Logeirait and Dowally parishes in Perthshire where family awaited. Roy's diary provides extensive description of their itinerary, the sites and museums visited, and the details of their touring often illustrated with maps and drawings. Jennie provides more succinct comment in her diary about the activities.

2 diaries

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