Hamilton Family fonds

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Legal documents relating to various members of the Hamilton family including Lord George Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney. Small file (in drawer 14) includes conservation report, 7 col. photographs of original condition, and photocopy of article by Bradley Cross on the will of Lady Anne Hamilton, 1700, in "Collection Update," 1990.


  1. Will of Lady Anne Hamilton, 1700 (1 pg.).
  2. Will of Sir Francis Hamilton (5 pg.). 
  3. Document acknowledging the repayment of £1,050 by Anne Hamilton to the Earl of Orkney, accompanied by a declaration of trust regarding the loan, 1707 (2 pg.).
  4. Agreement between Hans Hamilton and George the Earl of Orkney, 1707 (1 pg.).
  5. Document between George Earl of Orkney, Anne Cary and Colonel Hans Hamilton regarding equipment for a foot regiment, 1708 (1 pg.).
  6. A deed signed by Orkney in 1708 between him and Anne Cary (1 pg.).
  7. Robert Lord Iveers regarding the foot regiment, 1710 (1 pg.).
  8. 1718 document detailing the resettlement of the assets of Lord Archibald Hamilton on his marriage to Lady Anne Hamilton, including mortgage on River Wey £1,225 and £2,000 owing from King George for funding of troops (9 pg.).
  9. Bond of Lord Archibald Hamilton and George Earl of Orkney, 1720 (1 pg.).
  10. Indenture concerning a debt in 1717 of Mr. & Mrs. Cary to Lord Archibald (1 pg.).
  11. Grant of Assignment from Sir Robert Thornhill to Lord Archibald Hamilton, 1718 (1 pg.).
  12. Agreement between Sir Robert Thornhill and 2nd Archibald Hamilton, 1718 (1 pg.).
  13. Indenture between Lord Arthur Hamilton and Robert Thornhill, witnessed by Richard Cromwell and George Stewart, 1728 (1 pg.).
  14. Agreement between Lord Archibald Hamilton and Mrs. Letitia Thornhill regarding property and South Sea Stock, 1732 (3 pg.).
  15. Mortgage between Hon. George Hamilton and Hon. William Earl of Furaiquin?, 1754 (5 pg.).
  16. Draft deed of apportionment of payments to the Earls of Orkney by Lord Archibald Hamilton, 1707 (3 p.).
  17. Draft of declaration of trust by the Earls of Orkney for the Lord Archibald Hamilton, 1704 (2 p.).



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