Augustin Hamon


Augustine Hamon (1862–1945) was a French socialist-anarchist who in his early days spent in Paris up until about 1904 was a journalist and keen researcher and author in the emerging area of social psychology. He wrote a now little-known work called Psychologie Du Militaire Professionnel: Etudes de psychologie sociale (1894) and editor of the anarchist magazine L'Humanité nouvelle from 1897 to 1904. Hamon had known and corresponded with George Bernard Shaw since at least 1864 (their approximately 50-year correspondence has been edited by Patrick Galliou in 3 volumes), Hamon did not take on translating Shaw until 1904 when he moved from Paris to Brittany. He became Shaw's official French translator.

The materials in the collection are primarily on microfilm and include correspondence, scrapbooks, and some manuscripts. Also included are 70 original posters in excellent condition dating from 1897 to 1962, most publicizing French productions of Shaw's plays.

Type(s) Of Materials: 
Unpublished Material and Manuscripts
How To Access: 

This collection is available for viewing on-site in Archival & Special Collections during our regular business hours.

Call numbers XZ1 MS A107 (correspondence on microfilm), XZ1 MS A127 (Hamon/Shaw correspondence on microfilm), XZ1 MS A129 (materials relating to Hamon's estate), XZ1 MS A130 (reviews and articles), XZ1 MS A131 (scrapbooks and correspondence on microfilm), XZ1 MS A133 (correspondence and manuscripts on microfilm), XZ3 MS A130 (posters).