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Theatre Ontario


Theatre Ontario is a professional association that provides leadership to the theatre community in Ontario. It has many innovative programs and services available for its members. Soon after its 1972 inception, Theatre Ontario implemented a Community Theatre Training Program which was in operation until 1999, as well ass access to a talent bank of theatre instructors. Throughout the 1970's, they also implemented a number of training programs and launched several publications, and in 1980, Theatre Ontario presented the Ontario Playwrights Showcase Festival. In 1985, they formed ASTRO (Association of Summer Theatres 'Round Ontario), which is still in effect and is now called Ontario Summer Theatre, with the intention to encourage more summer theatre productions and festivals around the province. 

Since, Theatre Ontario has not ceased in developing and implementing programs to help Ontario theatres. They have partnered with a number of other theatres to achieve different goals for each participant in the partnerships. Most recently, in 2016, it partnered with Arts & Entertainment Insurance Plan to offer the option of having health insurance for its members, as well as entering into partnerships with Artscape Launchpad and the Toronto Alliance for the Performaning Arts/ Camp Tech in order to provide more opportunities for professional development.

This collection consists of programs, press releases, news clippings, and magazines related to Ontario Theatres.


2.5 metres of textual and other materials. 

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Published Material
Unpublished Material and Manuscripts
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