Brough Family fonds

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A collection of Brough family letters from Berwickshire to Otonabee Township, April 4, 1834 to June 8, 1864. Includes transcriptions of letters, list of farms, maps, family tree and other general information.

Accompanying material: 

  1. Duotang containing transcriptions of the letters (No. 6-26).
  2. Five page typed history of the Brough family.
  3. One page detailing the Brough farms.
  4. Two maps.
  5. Family tree -- 21 original letters.
  6. Letter from Jas. Brough dated Nenthorn, 4 April 1834 to his son James in Otonabee Upper Canada regarding sending money and includes update of friends in Scotland.
  7. Letter from Jas. Brough dated Nenthorn, 7 April 1834 to son James regarding money sent to purchase a cow and a request for a detailed updated on every facet of life in Canada.
  8. Letter from Margaret Brough undated to Jeany sending regards.
  9. Letter from John Broughdated Caikmuir, 30 April 1835 to brother James informing him of death of their father and requesting updated on life in Canada.
  10. Letter from John Brough dated Nenthorn, 22 May 1838 to brother James regarding the receipt of a letter confirming the arrival of £10, Robert contracting measles, and the letter concludes with a religious tract about sin.
  11. Letter from Margaret Brough dated Nenthorn, May 1839 to Jeany regarding a box of clothes sent along with the letter.
  12. Letter from John Brough dated Nenthorn, 24 May 1840 to James mentioning that he is glad James received the box of goods (from previous letter), regrets that James is ill and ends with religious thoughts about healing through God.
  13. Letter from John Brough dated Nenthorn, 24 May 1841 to Cousin James Brough regarding financial assistance, James Robison's past visit to see James, encouraging James to return to Scotland.
  14. Letter from Margaret Brough dated Nenthorn, 24 May 1841 to Jeaney sending regards and hoping the farming season goes well and if not then extends an offer to return to Scotland. 
  15. Letter from James Nesbett dated 6 September 1841 to Dear Neace [sic] sending condolences for her fathers death, informing Dear Neace [sic] (ed - Niece) of her marriage (rest of letter is missing).
  16. Letter from Maddalina Brough undated to Jeany trying to encourage them to return to Scotland.
  17. Letter from James Nesbett circa September 1841 to Dear Neics [sic] (ed - Nieces) updating family matters.
  18. Letter from Margaret Brough dated Nenthorn, 7 May 1842 to Jenny about a parcel of clothes that was sent, and an update about friends.
  19. Letter from John Brough dated Nenthorn, 8 March 1843 to Dear Cousins expressing concern of neglect for educational and spiritual activity in Canada.
  20. Letter from John Brough dated Wooden Mill, 31 May 1847 to Mr. Dear regarding living near Kelso, not having a farm, the Corn Laws and commodity prices. Attached is a letter from M. Brough about family updates.
  21. Letter from Maddalina Brough dated Wooden Mills, 5 April 1849 to her sister about a visit from William Robison, hard times at Nenthorn and surprise at lack of minister in Canada.
  22. Letter from Allison Eason dated Edinburgh, 25 June 1855 to her sister Jane Brough (wife of James) informing Jane of the death of her (Allison) daughter.
  23. Letter from M.L. Brough dated Newsmailholm, 11 November 1861 to Dear Friends regarding John's improved health, death of friend Mary Jaffray, an update on William Brough and his family.
  24. Letter from M.L. Brough dated Newsmailholm, 15 August 1862 to Alexander and Jane containing family updates and tells of difficult farming season.
  25. Letter from M.L. Brough (date & recipient unknown as 1st page is missing) about reading in the newspapers of religious revival in America, includes typical family update.
  26. Letter from Aunt ? dated Newsmailholm, 8 June 1864 about friends named Butler coming to America, the great hope of seeing each other again and the doubt that plans to visit Canada in two years will happen. 



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