Disruption Records


Guelph's major religious Scottish collection dates to 1975 with the acquisition of a collection of 110 pamphlets and resources on the Disruption of the Church of Scotland in 1843. Over two decades holdings expanded to about 700 items including broadsides of petitions (signed), notices, monthly statements, and posters. The collection is particularly rich in sources as early as 1817, when initial concerns that led to the Disruption were raised. Sources like tracts by the eventual leaders in the period of reform, such as Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847), and pamphlets from the post-Disruption era to the 1890s when attempts were made to re-unite the various splinter churches. Of special importance are the few contemporary works, primarily in pamphlet form, of the Disruption in Canada and particularly in Ontario.

Series: Disruption records. 1840; Disruption records. 1841; Disruption records. 1842; Disruption records. 1843; Disruption records. 1844; Disruption records. 1845; Disruption records. 1846; Disruption records. 1847; Disruption records. 1873 


68 items

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Published Material
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Each item catalogued individually, call numbers XS1 MS A108001-XS1 MS A108068, and arranged chronologically.

Many tracts on Scotland’s turbulent religious history, such as a collection of the Disruption pamphlets, are located in Rare Books. 

This collection is available for viewing on-site in Archival & Special Collections during our regular business hours.