Jacobite Intelligence Letters

Three letters, one signed, in French, to "Monseigneur" (a high ranking official), reporting contacts with Jacobites in England and their activities at court and in Scotland, and relaying varied diplomatic information. Contains encoded information on the movements of Jacobite sympathizers, such as the Duke of Ormond; a secret correspondence between the Duke of Marlborough and the Old Pretender; commenting on the position of Jacobite strongholds throughout the country; opportunities for an uprising in Scotland and the borderlands; the death and succession to the throne of Louis XIV; Stanhope's discussions with Spain about commerce; describing the risk in his dealings with many people of differing political factions and stressing the need and his procedure for maintaining secrecy in all dispatches. Written largely in cipher with contemporary translations written between the lines. English translations included.

15 pages

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Unpublished Material and Manuscripts
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XS1 MS A203

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