Barbie Box Project

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Last updated: June 8, 2023 11:31 EDT
Barbie Art Box Project

The Fine Arts Network (FAN) and Archival & Special Collections in McLaughlin Library have partnered on a new initiative, the Barbie Box Project, to bring sculpture created by students in the Studio Art program into the Library. FAN is a student led organization for studio art and art history students at the University of Guelph.

The project was named after the dimensions of the exhibit case which are similar to the iconic boxes that Barbie dolls are sold in. The “Barbie Box” case is located in the reading room of Archival and Special Collections, located on the second floor of McLaughlin Library and can be viewed from the front window of the room.

The first sculpture, “Croaking Bags” by Yukkin, a 4th year Studio Art major, is currently on display through mid-June.

Yukkin stands next to their sculpture, "Croaking Bags"

In the artist’s statement, Yukkin writes, “This sculpture relates to mundane and consumerist objects, reimagining them as both a work of artistry and cuteness, with the looming deception of advertising tactics.”

Anna Golding, vice-president of FAN and a 4th year Studio Art major, initiated this partnership with Melissa McAfee, Special Collections Librarian. Golding knows from her own experience that “there are limited opportunities for sculpture students to exhibit their work. The Barbie Box Project is going to change that! It will give sculpture students a chance to have their artworks seen by the larger public rather than just their classmates.”

McAfee, recently realized that the “Barbie Box” case had the potential to be a container for objects other than the books and dolls. “Archival & Special Collections is thrilled to support the “Barbie Box” Project.

The opportunity for the University of Guelph community to engage with art on campus is essential to both the learning and human experience. You aren’t likely to see any Barbies in this case, but you will see scintillating sculpture created by an array of talented artists from the University of Guelph’s Studio Art program and beyond.”

After Yukkin, a sculpture by ANNA x Hambone will be installed late June and following them, Thomas Triebe-Pay in August.

Artists across campus are encouraged to submit a proposal. For more information email FAN at or DM @fanuoguelph on Instagram.

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