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We offer a wide variety of workshops to help you build your academic and professional skills.

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Brain Food Thesis and Dissertation Workshops

Develop practical knowledge and skills for the thesis research and writing process. This comprehensive series of self-paced online modules will introduce you to effective ways to approach research, writing, and data analysis for theses and major research projects.

  • Audience: graduate students, undergraduate students working in a major research paper or capstone project 
  • Available: every semester
  • Learn more about Brain Food.

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Citation Management

Learn about the benefits of citation management and discover how you can use Zotero to keep track of your research and speed up the citation process. 

  • Audience: undergraduate students, graduate students
  • Available: fall and winter semesters

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Thrive: Workshops for Mental Wellness and Academic Success

This workshop series is designed to help you integrate wellness and learning strategies into your work as a student. Build motivation, optimism, and resilience, and learn how to integrate those skills into your work as a student. Thrive workshops are currently being offered by request to student groups and instructors. Visit Thrive to learn more and request a workshop. This workshop series is a collaboration between Learning Services and Student Wellness.

Dissertation Writing Retreat

Participate in a five-day program that offers focused and supported individual time to write, as well as writing instruction and access to one-on-one support. Attend this workshop if you want to develop effective writing skills and habits to help you finish your thesis or dissertation in a timely manner.

Faculty Writing Retreat

This week-long retreat is designed for faculty working on scholarly writing projects such as books, book chapters, and journal articles.

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Graduate Accountability Groups

The Graduate Accountability Group provides a welcoming, safe and productive online space for graduate students to do their work. The group is facilitated by a learning specialist and is designed to help you identify small goals and accomplish them during short work periods. The accountability groups meet weekly for the entire semester.

  • Audience: graduate students
  • Available: every semester

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Writing Tune-up

Build your writing confidence and skills with in-depth grammar instruction and practices in this two-day workshop. This workshop is excellent both for improving your own writing skills and for providing more effective feedback on your students’ writing as TAs or faculty. You can attend one or both days of the workshop.

  • Audience: all levels of writers
  • Available: every semester

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Data workshops

Data Skills Workshop Series

The data skills workshop series is designed to supports all levels of researchers at every stage of the research data lifecycle. Each semester, we offer workshops on introductory data skills, getting and creating data, managing data, cleaning and preparing data, data analysis, and data visualization. 

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Scholarship & publishing workshops

Open Scholarship Series

Chances are you have seen the word “open” attached to several research and scholarship issues such as journal publishers or funding agencies. What does that mean for you? Join us for a series of workshops related to open scholarship and learn how it applies to your work as a researcher. If you have questions about open access, we have answers. We can help with open-related requirements by the Tri-Agency, creating new open course material, and more.

  • Audience: graduate students, researchers, faculty
  • Available: every semester

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English as an additional language (EAL) workshops

EAL Write like an Academic

Build your English academic writing skills and confidence while you practice interacting in five different academic communication situations. In this program, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your writing in common academic and professional scenarios including writing emails to professors and/or advisors, providing written feedback to students, avoiding plagiarism, writing abstracts for academic audiences, and writing cover letters to potential employers.

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EAL Talk like an Academic 

Build your English academic speaking skills and confidence while you practice interacting in six different academic communication situations. In this seven-week program, you'll have the opportunity to improve your speaking and presentation skills in common academic and professional scenarios including summarizing research, interacting with professors, interacting as TAs with students, participating in class discussions, communicating in job interviews, and conducting presentations and thesis defenses.

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Pronunciation Workshop for EAL Speakers

This 5-week online pronunciation workshop is designed to help speakers with English as an additional language (EAL) improve their English pronunciation. Each week, we will focus on different consonant and vowel sounds that are difficult to pronounce — we will first look at the phonemics of these sounds and then incorporate them into conversational dialogues.

  • Audience: all English language learners, including students, faculty, and staff
  • Available: fall semesters

EAL Graduate Writing Camp

This intensive, online, three-day program is designed to help EAL graduate students develop writing and grammar skills. The program includes six workshops, three synchronous and three recorded. You will have a chance to ask questions, practice new skills during independent writing time, and book a personal consultation with writing and EAL specialists.  You’ll also receive instruction and practice on editing your own work.

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