New Digital Collections Available this Winter

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Last updated: June 7, 2024 09:08 EDT

The McLaughlin Library is constantly acquiring new resources that will be assets to our community’s teaching and research. Here are a few highlights from our new digital acquisitions that we hope will enrich your learning and teaching this winter. 

Check out our full list of new collections on the Collections Update page

Research Methods Primary Sources 

Research Methods Primary Sources introduces humanities and social science students to the key approaches and methodologies of working with primary source material. Students can use the nearly 200 essays, videos, “How to” guides, and case studies to gain applied experience in working with primary sources, including finding, evaluating, and analysing historical documents.

Mary Ann Liebert Titles 

This collection of biomedical journals from Mary Ann Liebert supports STEM research and learning on the topics of human gene therapy, DNA and cell biology, stem cells and development, and Zebrafish. 

  • Human Gene Therapy publishes advances in DNA, RNA, cell and immune therapies, validating the latest advances in research and new technologies to enable the progress of therapeutic procedures leading to improved patient outcomes, and ultimately, to curing diseases.
  • DNA and Cell Biology covers all aspects of molecular and cellular biology, combining mechanistic and clinical studies. Coverage includes gene structure, function, and regulation; molecular medicine; cellular organelles; protein biosynthesis and degradation; cellular inflammation; and response to infection.
  • Stem Cells and Development focuses on stem cells of all tissue types and their potential therapeutic applications. Coverage includes embryogenesis; cell and tissue development and function; genotype-phenotype relationships; pluripotentiality; and the role of genetic and epigenetic factors in development.
  • Zebrafish is dedicated to the central role of zebrafish and other aquarium species as models for the study of vertebrate development, evolution, toxicology, and human disease. 

Nature Journals 

These four journals from Springer Nature, a leading academic journal publisher, will assist researchers and students across the sciences.

  • Nature Sustainability examines a broad range of natural, social, and engineering fields about sustainability, its policy dimensions, and possible solutions, with the goal of ensuring our collective well-being within the limits of the natural world.
  • Nature Food aims to provide researchers and policy makers with a breadth of evidence and expert narratives on optimizing and securing food systems for the future.
  • Nature Catalysis publishes chemistry research on homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, and biocatalysts, incorporating both fundamental and applied studies with a particular interest in the development of sustainable industries and processes.
  • Nature Metabolism sheds light on how cellular metabolism informs cellular function, the physiology and homeostasis of organs and tissues, the regulation of organismal energy homeostasis, and the molecular pathophysiology and treatment of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and obesity.

Ethnologue: Languages of the World 

Ethnologue profiles all known living languages worldwide, and include summary data on populations, dialects, maps illustrating geographical distribution of languages, typology, and writing systems.

Sage Business Cases 

The Sage Business Cases collection supports student learning by providing access to multimedia curriculum materials for case studies. Hundreds of new case studies across the disciplines will be added throughout 2022.

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