Print, Copy & Scan

Today's Hours: 8am - 10pm - All service hours

Printing at the Library

    The library uses Papercut to enable you to print, photocopy and scan. You can scan to USB. In order to print you must load money onto your Papercut account (see instructions below). We do not accept cash, credit, or debit onsite.

    How to add money to your printing and photocopying account

    1. Login to Papercut with your account credentials. For students and staff, this is your central login ID (same as your U of G email). Community users please visit the Ask Us Desk to create an account.
    2. Add credit to your account using a credit card:
      • Click the "Add Credit" link in the left menu
      • Choose an amount from the drop-down that you'd like to add to your account, and then click the "Add Value" button
      • You'll be redirected to a secure payment gateway. Enter your credit card details and click the "Pay Now" button
      • The amount will now be added to your account. Click "Done" to return to PaperCut

    Transfer money to another user

    1. Login to Papercut
    2. Click the "Transfers" link in the left menu
    3. The total funds in your account will display near the top of this screen
    4. Enter the amount you'd like to transfer to another user into the "Amount" box
    5. Enter the userid (the part before a users' email address) in the "Transfer to user" box. For example, to transfer money to, enter student in the "Transfer to user" box
    6. Click the "Transfer" button
    7. You'll see a notification at the top of the screen letting you know that your transfer was successful
    8. You can click the "Transaction History" on the left to verify your transfer was successful as well


    See the Ask Us Desk for refunds for:

    • Streaked or faded toner
    • Paper jams
    • Printing errors

    Refunds will be provided at staff discretion.

    The Library will not issue refunds for any unused balances on your PaperCut Account, including when you leave the University of Guelph or graduate. You can transfer unused funds to another PaperCut user.

    How to print

    1. Now that you've got money in your print and copy account, go to any public computer in the library and log in using your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials
    2. Open the webpage or document you'd like to print and click the print button 
    3. The Print screen pop-up will appear on the right side of your document. Select the printer destination "Campus Papercut" from the drop-down menu and press the Print Icon. If needed, change the print settings, for example, double-sided or landscape orientation
    4. Now head over to one of the printer/copiers on the first floor of the library (or in OVC)
    5. Press the button that looks like a house and then touch the print icon on the touch screen
    6. Touch the screen and enter your Papercut account and password
    7. Touch OK and then touch OK again
    8. The PaperCutMF user information screen will come up
    9. Click on Select jobs
    10. Press "Print" for any jobs in the queue that you want to print
    11. Press the yellow button on the key pad 2 times
    12. Click "Yes" on the logout button and you're done

    All print jobs sent to public computers stay in the queue for 90 minutes and are then deleted. You are not charged unless you print.

    Note: There is a public printer in OVC as well.

    How to photocopy

    Note: After 45 seconds of inactivity at the Printer/Photocopier machines, copy and scan settings reset automatically

    1. Visit one of the photocopier/printers on the first floor of the library
    2. Press the button that looks like a house and then touch the photocopy icon on the touch screen
    3. Touch the screen and enter your central user ID and password
    4. Touch OK and then touch OK again
    5. The photocopying options screen will come up
    6. Select desired photocopy options such as zoom, double-sided printing, etc.
    7. Begin photocopying. Papercut will deduct the cost from your account automatically
    8. When finished, press the yellow button 2 times
    9. Click "Yes" on the logout button and you're done

    How to scan (free)

    You can use the print/photocopy/scan stations to scan documents to a USB key.

    Scan to USB

    1. Press the button that looks like a house and then touch the scan icon on the touch screen
    2. Insert USB into the labelled “USB port” slot on the left side of the touch screen
    3. Press “USB” on the touch screen
    4. Use the default setting or select the file format you prefer using the drop-down menu (PDF, TIFF, or XPS) and then press "OK"
    5. Scan the document by placing it on the glass OR placing it face-up in the automatic feed tray; Press "scan" or "start" for each page of the document (up 100 pages)
    6. Press "Job Finish" when scan is done
    7. Remove USB when you see "USB device can be removed" message in the bottom left of the touch screen.
    8. Press the yellow button 2 times

    Tip: Check that USB scanning worked by checking your scanned files on your USB key using a public computer. If you don't see your scanned documents, then re-scan using the following "Scan to File" directions

    Scan to a USB at the University of Guelph Library

    The library is committed to ensuring that members of our user community with disabilities have equal access to our services and resources and that their dignity and independence is always respected. If you encounter a barrier and/or need an alternate format, please fill out our Library Print and Multimedia Alternate-Format Request Form. Contact us if you’d like to provide feedback: