Resources for Gathering & Reading the Literature

Finding articles and sources

Note-taking worksheets for reading and writing

Single Source - Note-taking Analysis Worksheet [PDF - 41kb]
Use this handout to record essential information for every article that you read. You can refer to these notes when writing a research paper or literature review. 

Multiple Sources - Note-taking Analysis Worksheet [DOC - 35kb]
This table is designed to help you organize all your sources. (e.g. books, articles, government documents) based on common themes, topics, methods, theories, etc. List your sources and group common themes to compare their information. For printing, select 11X17 ledger paper size.

Theory, Model or Method-Building - Multiple Sources - Note-taking Analysis Worksheet [DOC - 36kb]
This table is designed for theory-building, model-building, or methods-building. This table is designed to help you organize all your notes on different theories/models/methods (depending on your type of research) in order to strengthen your knowledge.

Organizing your literature

Reading effectively