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Assessment & User Experience

The library relies on assessment measures and user experience research to enable us to meet the needs of our library users. We believe in the purposeful collecting of data not for its own sake but to make a difference for our users.

Explore some of the ways we collect quantitative and qualitative data to inform and improve our services, collections, spaces, website, and social media presence:


The library offers a diverse range of services tailored to our users’ interests and needs. Each semester we offer academic and professional skills workshops, individual appointments, point of need research and information help, and our signature Supported Learning Groups. We assess the quality, relevance, and value of our services using surveys and feedback forms, attendance and usage counts, environmental scans, and reflective practice. 


Library collections include all the books on the shelves, archival and special collections, and the vast digital libraries of e-books, journal, and database subscriptions. We rely on assessment measures to help us spend the collections budget responsibly. Collections assessment tools include circulation and interlibrary loan data, electronic usage data, and benchmarking against other university libraries' collections. 


The library offers the largest study space on campus with places for quiet, individual study and spaces for lively group discussions.  Space assessment tools include entrance gate counts, furniture inventory, wayfinding analysis, benchmarking against other university libraries, and user interviews and observations. 


The library website is designed to make it easy for users to discover the library’s services and collections. We strive to maintain a website that is useful, usable, and inviting. Website assessment tools include Google Analytics, heat maps, and usability tests. 

Social media 

The library’s social media accounts broadcast important library news and information. We assess our social media accounts using audience analysis and user engagement analytics. 

Institutional Quality Assurance Process 

The library contributes to IQAP Cyclical Program Reviews, accreditations, and course and program reviews. IQAP is coordinated by the Office of the Associate University Librarian (Academic). 

Assessment & Reporting Committee 

The Assessment & Reporting Committee supports and coordinates data collection and analysis for the library and external reporting obligations. 

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