Library Statement on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

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The McLaughlin Library is committed to a continuous process of examination and transformation that advances inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) in our organization, which aligns with the University of Guelph’s Anti-Racism Action Plan and Indigenous Initiatives Strategy.  


We value the full participation, dignity, and belonging of all members of our community. We recognize that we work, learn, and live under systems of oppression; while we cannot dismantle these systems through IDEA initiatives alone, the library is committed to mitigating the harms caused by these systems.  

People & Culture

Our dedication to advancing IDEA requires ongoing learning, reflection, and vulnerability to make meaningful change. We recognize our responsibility to work within our spheres of influence to improve conditions for members of our community who are negatively impacted according to their race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, nationality, education, family status, language, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, cognitive or physical ability, and/or other marginalized identity. 

We value a culture of diverse representation and inclusion and celebrate different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We encourage each other to be open to honest discussion, seek out viewpoints beyond our own, and respond to challenges and critiques with openness, curiosity, respect, and self-reflection. We extend these values and practices to all interactions. 

Our Services

Our library services align with the University of Guelph’s mission statement and are aimed at meeting researchers and learners where they are, while helping them to build new knowledge, skills, and competencies. We commit to actively reviewing and improving our services and policies to ensure that we mitigate implicit biases and impediments to full participation. 


Our circulating, archival, and special collections include a range of perspectives, languages, modes of thought, formats, and time periods that support the academic and research missions of the University. We aspire to ensure that researchers and learners can access and engage with this information, and we actively seek and acquire materials that represent diverse cultures, identities, and viewpoints, particularly those that have been historically marginalized and underrepresented. 


We commit to developing and upholding our physical and virtual spaces to be accessible, welcoming, and affirming. We seek to identify and eliminate barriers to inclusion.  


We commit to using accessible and inclusive technology. We recognize that technologies are often coded with assumptions and biases, and we critically examine how these biases impact our users and communities, eliminating or mitigating them where possible. 


We welcome dialogue and feedback on these critically important issues. Please contact us with questions and comments on our approach.

This is a living document that the Library commits to reviewing annually.

McLaughlin Library thanks Simon Fraser University Library and the University of Michigan Libraries whose statements served as inspiration and who generously granted permission to adapt structural elements or small excerpts. 

The library is committed to ensuring that members of our user community with disabilities have equal access to our services and resources and that their dignity and independence is always respected. If you encounter a barrier and/or need an alternate format, please fill out our Library Print and Multimedia Alternate-Format Request Form. Contact us if you’d like to provide feedback: