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Computer Use

Effective: September 29th, 2003

The Policy

This policy applies to the use of any components of the University of Guelph Library's computing and networking facility hereinafter referred to as the "System" by all users, account holders, System administrators, and service providers hereinafter referred to as "Users". By using the System, all Users agree to comply with this policy. All Users will be fully responsible for any and all uses of their access and accounts.

The computing and networking facilities in the University of Guelph Library are provided to support the research, teaching and learning needs of the University of Guelph. The library supports access to research materials and the use of computing technologies to identify, locate and use high-quality scholarly resources and to promote life-long learning, information literacy, and intellectual freedom. Library computing and network users have a responsibility to use these resources in an ethical and legal manner, and must comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines for University of Guelph Computing and Networking Facilities.

Acceptable Use

  1. Use of the University Library System is primarily intended to support and promote academic purposes. These academic purposes include research, resource discovery that fulfills class assignments, enhancement of career development, support of instruction, and promotion of University related goals and objectives.
  2. The library provides access to information in keeping with the statements of intellectual freedom of the American Library Association, and the Canadian Library Association. The Senate Library Committee has endorsed these statements defending intellectual freedom and guaranteeing access to all expressions of intellectual activity.
  3. The library recognizes that its facilities and services are an important part of campus life, and that the System may provide many valuable functions to users outside of those that support the academic activities on campus (i.e. - the System may be utilized for basic communications, for finding information not directly related to academic activities, or for recreation). The library supports these activities as long as they do not conflict with other terms of this or other campus policies, or limit the library's ability to effectively support the mission and goals of the library and the University.
  4. Normally, the system is available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, the University of Guelph Library reserves the right to impose time limitations on the use of library computing resources when it is deemed necessary.
  5. Users may not

    1. Load or attempt to load any unauthorized software onto a University Library System, either by diskette, CD-ROM, or download.
    2. Use the System to engage in any illegal activity . Users must respect the rights of others, respect the integrity of the computers, networks, and related services, and observe all relevant laws (including applicable copyright laws), regulations, contractual obligations, and University of Guelph policies and procedures.
    3. Use the System to distribute advertising or for commercial purposes.
    4. Use the System with the intent to intimidate, harass, or display hostility toward others. Users are also asked to be sensitive to the displaying of material that others might find offensive. Users must abide by the policies and procedures endorsed by the University of Guelph human rights policies.
    5. Evade or attempt to evade System and network security measures.
  6. Work being performed by System administrators during maintenance or diagnostics may involve the need to access User files or data. While performing this work, System administrators will endeavor to respect the privacy of Users and handle the information in an appropriate manner. However, the University of Guelph Library reserves the right to delete files from system and network hard drives.
  7. The University of Guelph Library assumes no responsibility to Users for damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of its computer and network facilities or from deletion of files from system and network hard drives.
  8. Library staff do not monitor nor do they have control over material and information accessed utilizing the library system. Users, not the University nor library staff, are responsible for use of the University Libraries' System.
  9. Violations of this policy will be reported to the Chief Librarian and will be subject to the process and disciplinary actions outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines for University of Guelph Computing and Networking Facilities.