Alumni-in-Action Oral History Interviews

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The Alumni-In-Action Oral Histories Collection contains audio recordings of interviews and select transcripts with past Guelph Alumni. Interviews were conducted by graduates of OAC, MAC, and OVC in this joint project with Alumni House and alumni and volunteers, including former Chief Librarian, Florence Partridge. These digital files originated on cassette tapes, still held in Archival & Special Collections, along with many transcripts.

If you would like a type-written transcript for any of these oral histories, please contact us.

A list of Alumni in Action Oral Histories
TitleCollegeGrad YearAudio
Individuals OVC '41OVC1941
A. Cameron McTaggartOAC1935
A. McInroy (Mac) CuddyOAC1942A. McInroy (Mac) Cuddy interview
A. W. HagarOAC1945A. W. Hagar interview
A. William (Bill) ArchibaldOAC1934A. William (Bill) Archibald interview
Alan SecordOVC1929
Alf HalesOAC1934Alf Hales interview
Allen KnightOAC1939Allen Knight interview
Angus H. GreggOAC1914Angus H. Gregg interview
Archie D. ThomasOAC1937
Archie RintoulOAC1926
Art GrubbeOAC1941Art Grubbe interview
Arthur E. FergusonOVC1950Arthur E. Ferguson interview
Arthur PeppinOAC1941Arthur Peppin interview
B. Angus JacksonOAC1920
B.D. YoungOVC1932
Ben CaseOVC1935Ben Case interview
Ben TeskeyOAC1949
Bernard McSherryOVC1942Bernard McSherry interview
Bert MitchellOVC1964Bert Mitchell interview
Betty-Anne StammersArts1980
Bill TossellOAC1947Bill Tossell interview
Bruce TeasdaleOAC1934Bruce Teasdale interview
Burt MatthewsOAC1947Burt Matthews interview
C.A. MitchellOVC1914
C.F. SiderOVC
Charles B. KellyOAC1936
Charles WebsterOAC1935
Clare RennieOAC1947Clare Rennie interview
Clayton M. (Clay) SwitzerOAC1951Clayton M. (Clay) Switzer interview
Clive RogersOAC1913
D. Murray BrownOAC1951D. Murray Brown interview
D.J. McLellanOVC1917
Dave AdamsOAC1949Dave Adams interview
Don BarnumOVC1941Don Barnum interview
Donald H. HuntleyOAC1941Donald H. Huntley interview
Donald McKeownOVC1958Donald McKeown interview
Donald R. CherryOVC1945Donald R. Cherry interview
Doreen FisherMACS/FACS1961
Doris DarrachOAC1942
Dorothy (Lindsley) WaldenOther
Doug HoffmanOAC1949Doug Hoffman interview
Douglas C. AlexanderOVC1952
Duncan SinclairOVC1958Duncan Sinclair interview
E. Errol HancockOVC1952
E. R. BownessOVC1932
Earl MacNaughtonOther
Edward BrubakerOAC1949Edward Brubaker interview
Edward H. GarrardOAC1938Edward H. Garrard interview
Edyth BrayOtherEdyth Bray interview
Elizabeth ButlerMACS/FACS1962Elizabeth Butler interview
Ella EddingtonOther
Elliott (Mac) McLoughryOAC1922Elliott (Mac) McLoughry interview
Elsie KennedyOther
Ernest KendallOAC1932
Everett BiggsOAC1948Everett Biggs interview
Everett FranklinOAC1947Everett Franklin interview
Flo and Isabel MooreOtherFlo and Isabel Moore interview
Florence PartridgeMACS/FACS1926Florence Partridge interview
Francis Jamison BellOAC1937Francis Jamison Bell interview
Frank GrahamOAC1937Frank Graham interview
Fred JeromeOAC1933Fred Jerome interview
Fred PresantOAC1923Fred Presant interview
G. H. CollacuttOVC1929
Gary JohnstonOAC1979
Gavin HamiltonOVC1952Gavin Hamilton interview
George A. McCagueOAC1928George A. McCague interview
George ArnoldOAC1959George Arnold interview
George AtkinsOAC1939George Atkins interview
George C. FisherOVC1943
George R. McGowanOVC1947George R. McGowan interview
Gerald SheeneyOVC1952
Gladstone RidlerOAC1935
Gordon BennettOAC1943Gordon Bennett interview
Gordon NixonOAC1937Gordon Nixon interview
Gordon SkinnerOAC1924
Gordon WrightOAC1933
Grant MisenerOVC1938
H.A. TaylorOVC1913
H.M. LegardOVC1923
Hank ClausOAC1921
Harold BakerOAC1950Harold Baker interview
Harold GobleOAC1931Harold Goble interview
Harold WrightOAC1951
Harry BrightwellOVC1956Harry Brightwell interview
Harry HinchleyOAC1923Harry Hinchley interview
Harry SmallfieldOAC1921Harry Smallfield interview
Harvey CaldwellOAC1951Harvey Caldwell interview
Harvey McEwenOVC1913Harvey McEwen interview
Harvey PettitOAC1921
Heather RobinsonMACS/FACS1971
Henry (Hank) OrrOAC1943Henry (Hank) Orr interview
Herb PettipiereOAC1949Herb Pettipiere interview
Herb WrightOVC1938
Illary MotzokOAC1936
J Edgar RaeOAC1935
J. Alan MacKayOVC1951
J. Bruce StoneOAC1953J. Bruce Stone interview
J. Calvin MartinOAC1935
J. Craig AlexanderOAC1949
J. Edward FreemanOAC1965
J.G. RutherfordOVC1879
Jack GallinOAC1947Jack Gallin interview
Jacob (Jack) PosOAC1950Jacob (Jack) Pos interview
James (Jim) McCagueOAC1940James (Jim) McCague interview
James A. HendersonOVC1936
James GilliesOVC1926James Gillies interview
James N. AllanOAC1914
James RobinsonOVC1950
James SchroderOVC1942James Schroder interview
Janet WardlawOtherJanet Wardlaw interview
Jay M. IsaOVC1938Jay M. Isa interview
Jean (Clark) HamiltonMACS/FACS1926Jean (Clark) Hamilton interview
Jean SteckleMACS/FACS1952Jean Steckle interview
Jean W. WalkerMACS/FACS1930Jean W. Walker interview
Jim BakerOAC1928
Jim HunterOAC1949
Joan (Belcher) BuddOVC1950Joan (Belcher) Budd interview
John A. CharltonOVC1937
John A. EcclesOAC1940John A. Eccles interview
John Bruce ParliamentOVC1952
John C. (Jack) PalmerOAC1938John C. (Jack) Palmer interview
John D. MacLachlanOtherJohn D. MacLachlan interview
John E. MolesOAC1936John E. Moles interview
John E. ReynoldsOAC1935
John E. TurnbullOAC1951John E. Turnbull interview
John GalbraithOAC1931John Galbraith interview
John McGowanOVC1954John McGowan interview
John W. MunroOAC1940
John Wm. (& Betty Jean) KetchesonOAC1944
Jonathan B. NelsonOAC1924
Julius F. FrankOVC1945
K. Wes TrenholmOVC1952
K.F. WellsOVC1938
Katherine BeckMACS/FACS1922Katherine Beck interview
Ken GartleyOAC1942
Ken McPheeOAC1934
Ken MurrayOAC1950
Kenneth E. LantzOAC1945
Kenneth HartinOVC1949
Kenneth R. FarrellOAC1950Kenneth R. Farrell interview
Lawrence KerrOAC1929Lawrence Kerr interview
Lloyd ColemanOVC1940
Louisa BrillOther
Lyman J. ChapmanOAC1930Lyman J. Chapman interview
M. SparrowOVC1958M. Sparrow interview
Mabel SandersonMACS/FACS1931
Mae White (Smith)Friends
Margaret (Young) KeeganMACS/FACS1926
Marilyn (Robinson) MurrayMACS/FACS1955
Marjorie WallMACS/FACS1968Marjorie Wall interview
Martin BoschCPES2004
Maryon BrechinMACS/FACSMaryon Brechin interview
Maurice B. FosterOVC1957
Murdo MacKinnonOtherMurdo MacKinnon interview
Muriel AndrewOAC1941
Murray KlagesOAC1947
N. Richard RichardsOAC1938N. Richard Richards interview
Nora StoskopfMACS/FACS1959
Norm EppsOAC1949Norm Epps interview
Peter IdeOVC1960
Phillip WilfordOAC1947
R.J. PinkneyOVC1937
Ralph McKenzieOAC1923
Ray ButlerOVC1954Ray Butler interview
Ray LongOVC1952Ray Long interview
Robb S. GoweOAC1945
Robert A. StewartOAC1933
Robert FordOAC1950
Robert GillanOAC1935
Robert M. LandonOAC1935
Robert MurrayOAC1949
Robert T. JeffersonOAC1935
Rochfort GrangeOVC1900
Ross AinslieOVC1952Ross Ainslie interview
Ross CaversOAC1929Ross Cavers interview
Ross HayOAC1945
Russell McDonaldOVC1945
Ruth (Baker) and Twink (Baker) MacLean WrightMACS/FACS1937
Sadie FletcherOther
Sadie FletcherOther
Sandy WarleyOtherSandy Warley interview
Stan YoungOAC1949Stan Young interview
Ted MumfordOVC1915
Thomas D. (Tom) BurgessOAC1942Thomas D. (Tom) Burgess interview
Thomas H. LaneOAC1949Thomas H. Lane interview
Thomas McEwenOAC1949
W. Harold MinshallOAC1933W. Harold Minshall interview
W.A. RobertsonOVC1916W.A. Robertson interview
W.J. RumneyOVC1925
Wallace J. (Wally) KnappOAC1948Wallace J. (Wally) Knapp interview
Wilfred WatsonOVC1919
William Attwood (Padre) YoungOAC1926
William C. (Bill) WinegardOtherWilliam C. (Bill) Winegard interview
William Ewen OAC1935
William F. MitchellOAC1938William F. Mitchell interview
William McEwanOVC1904
William P (Bill) WatsonOAC1928
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