Academic Action Program

The Academic Action Program is a semester-long program to help you build on your strengths and develop new strategies to achieve your academic goals.

In this program you will:

  • Analyze your strengths and learn how to apply those strengths in your courses.
  • Develop strategies specific to your learning and study needs.
  • Develop an Academic Action Plan to manage your time, study effectively, or prepare for midterms.
  • Learn how to balance academics will all the other parts of your life more effectively.

This is what previous students have said about their experience with the program:

  • "My academic coach helped me keep on track with my studies and showed me ways to deal with procrastination."
  • "My academic coach helped me more than I could even imagine."
  • "My confidence increased and my stress diminished!" 

How the Academic Action Plan works 

The Academic Action Plan program is flexible to meet your needs. You can choose one or more ways to participate:

  • Receive a weekly newsletter with tips and strategies on how to meet your academic goals. 
  • Attend weekly accountability circles facilitated by an academic coach. You will meet with others in the program to set goals, share your strategies, and keep each other accountable to your plans.
  • Get matched up with a Learning Peer Helper or Learning Specialist who will be your academic coach for the semester. You will meet one-on-one with your academic coach three to six times throughout the semester to discuss your goals, analyze your strengths and develop strategies for success.

In Winter 2022, all accountability circles and individual coaching sessions will take place online.

Sign up

Thanks for your interest in joining the Academic Action Program. Sign up for Winter 2022 program is closed. Applications for the Fall 2022 program will be posted on the website in early-September 2022.

Please fill out this survey if you are interested in receiving notification when the sign up for Fall 2022 program is available.


  • Ask Us to learn more about the Academic Action Plan
  • Weren't able to join the program this semester? We can still help! Book an individual appointment with a staff member or learning peer.