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Effective Studying

Whether you are in your first university course or working on your doctoral dissertation, the library can help you develop skills to study effectively.


  • Academic Action Program
    If you want to manage your workload, avoid procrastination, and prepare effectively for midterms and exams, join the Academic Action Program.

Online learning

  • Online Learning
    Designed to address the challenges of learning during the pandemic, this guide features strategies to help you learn effectively when you are taking a full load of online courses.
  • 7 Steps to Better Concentration
    Simple strategies to help you improve your concentration
  • 7 Strategies to Manage Distractions
    To improve the effectiveness of the time you put into studying, work at recognizing and getting rid of distractions

Calculate your marks

  • Mark Calculator
    A tool to help you determine your current mark in each course and calculate your semester average to help plan and prioritize your studying

Active and integrative study strategies

Reading and note-taking

  • Learning from Textbooks
    Learn about strategies for active reading
  • Using SQ4R
    SQ4R is a classic and systematic method for studying textbooks, most useful for courses that emphasize a lot of factual information
  • Reading Critically
    Suggestions for how to read with a critical eye
  • How to Read a Book
    This video has useful tips for reading books for research-based assignments
  • How to Read an Article
    This video has useful tips for reading journal articles
  • Learning from Lectures
    Learn strategies for taking notes in different types of courses and gather ideas for what to do with your notes after the lecture is over
  • Note-Taking Skills
    Wondering about whether to use your laptop to take notes? Read more about different methods for taking notes effectively, whether on paper or on your laptop
  • The Cornell Method of Note-Taking
    A time-tested method with a great record of success, the Cornell Method is a system to record, organize, and use your notes from lectures or course texts
  • 8 Ways to Take Notes from Journal Articles
    This module includes downloadable templates to use when taking notes from journal articles and other research-based texts
  • Highlighting vs. Note-Taking
    Which is better, highlighting or note-taking? Review the pros and cons of each.

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