Studying Resources & Workshops

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We support undergraduate and graduate students in the learning process and in their academic skill development.

We can help you:  

  • Plan and use your time effectively 
  • Control procrastination and perfectionism, and complete your assignments, thesis, or program on time 
  • Prepare for many different types of exams, including multiple choice 
  • Read textbooks and scholarly articles more effectively 
  • Take better notes and study efficiently 
  • Improve your memory and concentration 
  • Work more effectively in groups 
  • Enhance your presentation skills, including strategies for managing nervousness 
  • Practice your presentation and receive feedback from professional staff 
  • Design and present academic posters 

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Supported Learning Groups (SLGs)

Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) are free peer-led study groups held on a weekly basis to help students taking historically challenging courses. They are designed to give students a more in-depth understanding of the course content while learning in a small group.

Academic Coaching and Appointments 

We offer individual, confidential appointments to support you in reaching your academic goals. You can book a single appointment to address a specific concern or question or meet regularly throughout the semester to collaboratively create and follow through on an action plan. Learning experts are available to help you develop your time management, studying, or presentation skills. 

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Collaborative Programs

Services for faculty & instructors

We offer:

  • Customized, in-class instruction
  • Customized training for teaching assistants and student leaders
  • Consultation services for the collaborative development of course activities, assignments, learning outcomes, and assessment tools.

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  • Effective studying resources on reading, note-taking, concentrating, and study strategies such as concept maps and matrix charts. 
  • Exam prep resources to help you prepare for multiple choice and essay exams, as well as advice for studying effectively. 
  • Group work and presentation resources with advice on group work and on all stages of academic presentations, from preparing your slides to answering audience questions. 
  • Mark calculator to help you calculate your marks in each of your courses and your semester average. 
  • Time management resources include downloadable schedules and many resources on controlling procrastination and using your time effectively and efficiently. 

Upcoming workshops

We offer a variety of specialized workshops to help you develop your skills in giving academic presentations, balancing your well-being with academics, studying, and managing your time.

    There are no upcoming workshops at the moment. Check back soon for more, or browse our full workshop calendar to see the other workshops we offer.

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