Ways to Give

The generosity of our many supporters makes the University of Guelph Libraries an outstanding resource for students, faculty, staff and the wider community.

We appreciate all gifts to the University and are pleased to offer appropriate recognition opportunities in return. Gifts to the University are eligible for charitable tax credits.

There are many ways to give:


When you create an endowment you ensure that your gift to the University will last forever. An endowment for the library enables you to direct funding in perpetuity to:

  • A specific collection area
  • A specific collection
  • A library staff position or student internships
  • Other educational resources

Endowments may also be unrestricted and allocated at the discretion of the Chief Librarian. An endowment fund can be named for you or for your loved ones, thus provide lasting recognition of a remarkable life or an important event, such as an anniversary.

Guelph's endowment policy ensures the security of your gift and the fulfillment of your intentions and plans. The gift of capital is entirely invested in your name within the University's endowment fund. Each year a part of the accrued growth, after allowance for inflation protection, is awarded according to your wishes.

Annual reports will be sent to you detailing the accomplishments and purchases that your thoughtful gift makes possible. The University works closely with each of our donors to develop a recognition program that may also include personalized bookplates placed on each item purchased through the endowment recognition on the library's Web site.

In this way, your contribution becomes a permanent memorial and a permanent resource that benefits the University forever.

Bequests & Legacy Gifts

Many of the most significant legacy gifts to the library come from individuals who include a bequest in a will or through a trust. Some legacy gifts are started with a current gift and concluded with a bequest. Bequests can take several forms:

  • Residual: You can choose to donate all, a part or a percentage share of the balance of your estate to the library after disbursements to your family and other beneficiaries.
  • Specific amount: You can give a specific dollar amount or specific assets such as books or a special collection to the library.
  • Contingent: You can designate that the library will receive all or part of your estate if your named beneficiaries predecease you.
  • A trust with a remainder bequest: You may choose to create a trust that provides income to named beneficiaries. Upon the death of the named beneficiaries, all or part of the trust assets are donated to the University.

Other Forms of Planned Giving:


A gift of life insurance enables you to make a significant future contribution through a relatively modest current investment. A new policy designating the library as both owner and beneficiary enables you to benefit from the charitable tax receipts for your future premium payments.

An existing policy can be transferred to the library as owner and beneficiary. You will receive tax receipts for your premium payments, as well as a receipt equal to the cash value of the policy.

If you maintain ownership of the policy and designate the library as beneficiary, a tax receipt will be issued to your estate when the library receives the proceeds from the insurance.

Charitable Remainder Trust

With this trust agreement, you provide a gift of capital assets that is irrevocably transferred into a trust. At the time the trust is created, a charitable tax receipt is issued to you for an amount equal to the discounted future value of the capital that was transferred into the trust. For the duration of the trust, annual income is paid to you or your designate. When the trust is dissolved, the library becomes the owner of the remaining capital.


A charitable gift annuity makes it possible for senior donors to make a gift to the library without a loss of investment income. When you purchase a charitable gift annuity you make an irrevocable transfer of capital in return for a guarantee of income payments for life. Annuity income payments are largely tax-free for older donors and you will receive a tax receipt equal to the gift portion.

Read about Ruth Redelmeier's decision to make a bequest that will establish the Francis and Ruth Redelmeier Cultural Heritage Fund.

Gifts of Materials (Gifts in Kind)

You may arrange a legacy gift of your book collections and other materials that would benefit the Library's Archival & Special Collections. The library will have the materials appraised. Donors of gifts valued at more than $100 will receive a charitable gift receipt. For more information, please see our Donation Policy.

The library is also pleased to accept gifts of securities and shares in kind.

Gifts of Stocks

There is no longer any capital-gains tax on gifts of securities, mutual fund units or bonds, when they are transferred as a gift in kind directly to the University of Guelph's securities account. You receive the full tax credit for the current fair market value of your shares, plus you will not pay any capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

To make a gift of stocks:

You must transfer the securities to the University of Guelph. If you sell the securities and donate the cash, standard capital gains tax rules apply to the disposition.

The gift must be of "qualified" appreciated securities (including shares, mutual fund shares, segregated fund shares, bonds, warrants, and options) listed on a prescribed stock exchange.

The amount of tax saving is determined by the size of the capital gain accruing from the shares to be gifted. The larger the capital gain the greater your tax saving. Therefore, you should carefully consider both your current and future tax situation and the appreciated value of your shares.

The charitable tax receipt for the gift of shares will be based on their fair market value at the time and date of transfer to the University of Guelph accounts. There is no limit on maximum or minimum share value.

Shares can be transferred electronically or by a Share Certificate.

Gifts from Outside Canada

Alumni Gifts from the U.S.

All charitable donations to the University of Guelph are fully tax deductible for U of G alumni and their families, as well as for U.S. residents who are the parents of current or former U of G students. According to the Canada/United States 1980 Tax Convention, ratified in 1997, Article XXI: a U.S. resident is entitled to a charitable deduction for gifts to a Canadian University, provided he or she, or a family member, is or was enrolled at that University. Family members include spouse, children, grandchildren, parents and siblings. These gifts may be deducted against U.S. source income subject to the standard percentage limitations for U.S. Federal Tax purposes. Indicate on your tax return that you or a family member are/were a U of G graduate or student.

Non-alumni gifts from the U.S.

Friends of the University of Guelph Inc. is a certified and registered non-profit corporation in the U.S. [501(c)(3)]. It enables U.S. residents, who are non-alumni, to make charitable contributions to the University of Guelph. Charitable gifts made to the Friends of University of Guelph Inc. are deductible for federal estate and gift tax purposes and are recognized and accepted by the US Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS Employer ID is 51 0189191

Gifts from Other Countries

The University of Guelph accepts gifts from around the world. Tax treatment of charitable gifts varies from country to country.

Parents' Fund

Parents of current students know just how important the library is to their sons' and daughters' academic success. As a result, they have created the Parents' Fund to enrich their children's scholarly work and learning experience.

The fund strengthens library resources by enabling the purchase of thousands of additional materials each year, including the new books, journals and databases.

The Parents' Library Fund also supports a wide range of learning, writing, research and technology resources in the Learning Commons, which is used by approximately 20,000 students annually.


To donate to the Library use the online form and choose University Wide from the drop-down list of donation options. A second drop-down box allows you to designate your gift to the library's current priorities:

  • Learning Commons
  • Library's Highest Priority

By Mail

Please print the pledge form (PDF – 94kb) and mail with a cheque, Visa or MasterCard number to the address on the form.

By Telephone

Call 1-888-266-3108 (press 1 for donations) or 519-824-4120 ext. 56540. Please do not leave your credit card number on the answering service.