Thriving in Action

The Thriving in Action workshop series integrates techniques for building motivation, optimism, and resilience with advanced learning strategies that hone time management, note-taking, and exam preparation skills. In each workshop, students learn and practice both wellness and learning strategies.  

See the library's Events Calendar for information on upcoming Thriving in Action workshops. You can also request a Thriving in Action workshop for your class or student group. Staff usually respond within two business days. 

Workshop Descriptions 

A Strong Start

This workshop uses the themes of intentionality and meaningful actions to help students gain a better understanding of habits and learn strategies to change them. This workshop highlights 10 techniques for bringing more awareness and efficiency to learning and studying.   

Making Connections at University  

Feeling a sense of connection is directly linked with both positive wellbeing and academic success. Connectedness helps reduce major risk factors that can be barriers to scholastic thriving. This workshop supports the development of connection within ourselves and with the broader university community.   

Finding Balance  

The workshop provides students with strategies to develop balance among their many priorities and responsibilities. Students will learn more about identifying habits that promote thriving and learn practical time management strategies to help build new habits.   

A Mindful Approach to Academics  

In this workshop, students will learn how mindfulness strategies can be applied to scheduling and planning, maintaining focus and concentration, and taking notes in lecture and from texts.   

Coping with Difficulties  

In this workshop, students will develop skills in resilience and self-compassion and identify strategies to help them learn from exam errors and cope in stressful academic situations.   



This series is a collaboration between Learning Services in the library and Student Wellness and is based on Ryerson University’s ThriveRU program.