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Comfy Chairs with Tablet UX Study

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In April 2019, the UX Team explored how users were experiencing the newly acquired comfy chairs with tablets in the library.

Research Questions

  • How are users using the tablet chairs?
  • Why are users choosing to sit in the chairs?
  • What do users like/dislike about the chairs?


  • We observed students using new tablet chairs (armchairs with small swivel tables) on the 1st and 2nd floors of the library. We recorded observations using Qualtrics survey software. 13 observations were made at random times during business hours (weekdays, 8:00AM-4:00PM) from March 27 - April 5
  • We conducted guerilla interviews with 17 students who were using the tablet chairs, and recorded their responses using Qualtrics

What did we Learn?

  • Users have a positive attitude toward the new tablet chairs
  • Users chose to sit in the chairs when they did not need to study for a long period of time, when they were doing “light” group work, or when they couldn’t find any other spaces
  • Users found the chairs more comfortable than study carrels
  • When users sat in the tablet chairs, they almost always used the tablets

Our Recommendations

  • Continue purchasing comfy chairs with tablets
  • Place tablet chairs in more locations around the library
  • Consider replacing non-tablet chairs with tablet chairs
  • These sorts of soft seating options also need to be conducive to studying; provide access to built-in tables, usb ports, outlets, etc.


Year of Study


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