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UX in the Library

We want your library experiences to be valuable ones. We are constantly asking questions and looking for ways to improve the library’s website, facilities, collections, and services.

  • How can we make it easier for you to access books and articles on our website?
  • How can we make the library more comfortable and conducive to your learning and research?
  • How can we improve our services to make them more relevant and useful to you?

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You can help us improve the library or library website by participating in one of our upcoming studies. Our studies are short, fun, and flexible to fit your schedule. We offer small incentives to thank you for your participation.

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User Experience Reports

Curious about what we’ve been up to? Check out some of our studies below.

A list of reports completed by the User Experience team
TitleDescriptionYearStudy Type
AZ Database List Mini RefreshIn June 2022, the UX Team initiated a project to enhance the usability of the AZ Database List.2022Library Website
Interlibrary Loan UX StudyIn March 2022, the UX Team investigated interlibrary loan services.2022Library Services
Library Accessibility Services Alternative Format Textbook ServiceIn January 2022, the UX Team explored of the value and effectiveness of the alt-format textbook service for students.2022Library Services
Self-Checkout Machines UX Study (Part 2)The UX Team tested the new self-checkout machines.2022Library Space
Book an Appointment Web Page First Click TestIn November 2021, the UX Team conducted a first click test on our “Book an Appointment” web page. 2021Library Website
Library Website Usability Study In April 2021, the UX team tested the usability of the library website one year after launch of the new site.2021Library Website
Omni Search Scope Study This collaboration with Brock, Western, and Queen's asks: which search scope best meets the needs of users?2021Library Website
Seat Booking UX StudyWe interviewed students about a proposal that would require students to book a seat in the library in advance of their arrival. This was a consideration for the return to campus in the fall 2021.2021Library Space
Self-Checkout Machines UX Study (Part 1)In October 2021, the UX Team assessed the library's self-checkout machines.2021Library Space
Testing our Website Navigation (Part 3)The UX Team tested our navigation structure in beta with students2020Library Website
Appointment Booking Page UX Study ContinuedThe UX Team conducted usability and click tests with users to gather feedback on a prototype of the library’s new appointment booking page2019Library Website
Comfy Chairs with Tablet UX Study The UX Team explored how users were experiencing the newly acquired comfy chairs with tablets in the library 2019Library Space
Library Learning Objects UX Study The UX Team explored students’ perceptions of library learning objects available through the Digital Learning Commons2019Library Website
Testing our Website Navigation (Part 1)The UX Team conducted modified usability tests and semi-structured interviews with students and faculty to assess our proposed navigation structure2019Library Website
Testing our Website Navigation (Part 2)The UX Team conducted in-person usability testing with students and administered a task-based survey via email to library staff to test a revised version of our navigation structure.2019Library Website
Appointment Booking Card Sort With Users UX Study The UX Team conducted facilitated card sorts with undergraduate and graduate students to help determine the labeling and groupings of our services2018Library Website
Appointment Booking Card Sort with Staff UX StudyThe UX Team conducted a card sort with library staff to help determine the labelling and grouping of our services for a new appointment booking webpage2018Library Website
Collection Signage UX StudyThe UX Team wanted to understand how students locate and retrieve physical library items2018Library Space
Digital Wallet UX Study The UX Team explored user awareness and use of digital wallets and digital student card technology on campus2018Library Services
Graduate Student Space UX StudyThe UX Team talked to graduate students to find out their perspectives on library space2018Library Space
Library Furniture UX Study The UX Team gathered feedback from students on the library’s new furniture on the lower level and second floor2018Library Space
TRELLIS Survey UX StudyThe UX Team explored how and why users are using TRELLIS2018Library Website
Touchstone Tours UX Study The UX Team asked users to take us on tours of the library to help us improve our spaces 2018Library Space
Collaborative Technology Use UX StudyThe UX Team explored how faculty and staff use collaborative technology in their work 2017External to the Library
Group Study Room Bookings UX StudyThe UX Team explored how students were experiencing the new online booking system for Group Study Rooms 2017Library Space
Guelph Public Library Website UX StudyThe UX Team explored user perception of the newly redesigned Guelph Public Library (GPL) website2017External to the Library
LibGuides & AZ Database List UX StudyThe UX Team wanted to understand how students experienced the library’s LibGuides & the A-Z Database List2017Library Website
Library Carrel Furniture Assessment UX Study The UX Team asked students to choose their preferred study carrel from seven different models2017Library Space
Library Fines and Borrowing Policies UX Study The UX Team investigated users’ perceptions and behaviours associated with library borrowing and fine policies 2017Library Services
Library Learning Objects UX StudyThe UX Team set out to discover students’ perceptions of digital learning objects and how they integrate them into their studies2017Library Website
Library Print Collections UX Study The UX Team explored how library users engage with our print collection to help the Collections & Content Team make decisions about the re-location of the collection after renovations2017Library Services
Altmetric in Primo UX StudyThe UX team conducted research with students to understand the value of including an AltMetric badge to the search results on the library’s website.2016Library Website
New Hires Focus Group UX StudyThe UX Team conducted a focus group with new library employees to identify ways the library's orientation and interview process could be improved.2016Other
Service Excellence UX StudyThe UX Team conducted research to understand student and faculty experiences with library services.2016Library Services
Student Led Tours UX StudyThe UX Team asked students to lead them on tours of the library to better understand the student experience2016Library Services
IT Security UX StudyThe UX team conducted research with the university's Computing and Communicating Services (CCS) to develop an understanding of IT security knowledge among staff, students and faculty. 2015External to the Library
Library Desktop Usage UX StudyThe UX team investigated how the library’s public desktop computers were used.2015Library Space
Library Guides UX Study In February 2015, the UX team conducted research to understand student awareness and use of Library Guides2015Library Website
Website Usability UX Study (2015) The UX team investigated how students navigated the newly redesigned library’s website2015Library Website
Student Perceptions and Use of Ebooks Students kept a diary for a semester tracking their use of ebooks.2014Library Services
The library is committed to ensuring that members of our user community with disabilities have equal access to our services and resources and that their dignity and independence is always respected. If you encounter a barrier and/or need an alternate format, please fill out our Library Print and Multimedia Alternate-Format Request Form. Contact us if you’d like to provide feedback: lib.a11y@uoguelph.ca