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Self-Checkout Machines UX Study (Part 1)

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In October 2021, the UX Team assessed the library's self-checkout machines.

Research question

  • How can we make the self-checkout machines better?


  • The UX Team tested the self-checkout machine

What did we learn?

  • Although there are three self-checkout machines, two have been out of order for the better part of a year and the "working" machine is unusable
  • Barcodes not located in the upper lefthand corner of an item cannot be checked out easily or at all
  • The method to desensitize an item is not intuitive
  • The time out is too quick
  • It is difficult to check out items that are oversized or small

Our recommendations

  • The "working" self-checkout machine should be immediately discarded
  • Since library staff are already intervening in the majority of interactions, it would be preferable to point users directly to the desk and completely bypass using the machine

Year of Study


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