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SLG Information for Instructors

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What are SLGs? 

Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) are an evidence-based approach to engage students in course content and review class material. Led by upper year students who have previously achieved a high grade in the course, SLGs are run each semester at the library, for free. SLG leaders are recruited, trained, and supervised by our staff of SLG coordinators. The University of Guelph has hosted SLGs for more than two decades, beginning in 1998. 

SLGs are based on Supplemental Instruction (SI), an internationally recognized model for student retention and support, and were the first SI program in Canada. Research on the SI model consistently demonstrates the effectiveness of SI programs on student retention. The University of Guelph has hosted the Canadian National Center for Supplemental Instruction since 2008. You can find out more about the Supplemental Instruction model at The International Center for Supplemental Instruction.

The Instructor’s Role with the SLG Program

As an instructor of a course supported by the SLG program, you can expect that the SLG leader(s) assigned to your course’s SLG sessions will attend your lectures and will occasionally request permission to make in-class announcements and/or post announcements on the course’s CourseLink site. Faculty can help SLG leaders make their sessions more effective by suggesting appropriate resources for practice problems and by checking in occasionally to learn how these sessions are going.

Why should you encourage your students to attend SLGs?

  • SLGs combine essential academic skills with understanding course material
  • SLGs support student retention, social inclusion, and academic success
  • Sessions use active, collaborative, peer-to-peer learning techniques proven to engage students in course content and increase content retention
  • SLGs allow students to make connections on campus with others in their program or courses
  • SLGs are developed for students of all skill levels and academic standing
  • SLG sessions are drop-in and voluntary

Which courses are eligible for SLGs?

SLGs support historically challenging courses and use a wide array of criteria to determine whether a course is a good fit for SLG support. We examine attendance patterns, grades data, program pathways, and other contextual factors to determine eligibility. Please contact library@uoguelph.ca for more information. 

The library is committed to ensuring that members of our user community with disabilities have equal access to our services and resources and that their dignity and independence is always respected. If you encounter a barrier and/or need an alternate format, please fill out our Library Print and Multimedia Alternate-Format Request Form. Contact us if you’d like to provide feedback: lib.a11y@uoguelph.ca