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Student Perceptions and Use of Ebooks

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Research questions

  • How do U of G students use and experience ebooks for their academic work?
  • Where do they find ebooks?
  • What features do they value?
  • What are their expectations and when do they prefer printed books or ebooks?


  • Seventeen students completed a diary entry each time they interacted with an ebook over the Fall 2013 semester.

What did we learn?

  • For the most part, students are reading academic ebooks on laptops and desktops, rather than dedicated ereaders.
  • Both ebooks and print books have their place. Whether a student chooses to use an ebook or a print book at any given time depends on a variety of factors: personal comfort, availability, convenience, intended use, and cost.


  • The ideal ebook is in PDF format and can be downloaded and stored on a device.
  • Address technical issues with problems of off-campus authentication and limits on number of concurrent users.

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